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Eolas 3 Cover

Editorial Note, Thomas Finan, General Editor

Composing Tara: The Grand Opera of Irish Pre-History, Conor Newman

“In the desert, where there was no waters made for us:” Miraculous Production of Water from Rock and the Impact of Exegesis on Early Irish Hagiography, Tomás O’Sullivan

Review Article: The Gaelic Southwest, Thomas Herron

Review Article: Medieval Archaeology, James G. Schryver

Review Article: Vikings and the Isle of Man, James G. Schryver

Review Article: Violence in Early Modern Ireland, Willy Maley

Book Reviews

  • R. Andrew Mcdonald, Manx kingship in its Irish Sea setting, 1187–1229
  • M. L. Colker, Trinity College Library Dublin: Descriptive Catalogue of the Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin Manuscripts. Supplement One.
  • Thomas Herron, Spenser’s Irish Work: Poetry Plantation, and Colonial Reformation
  • Thomas Herron and Michael Potterton (eds), Ireland in the Renaissance, c. 1540–1660

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