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Editorial Note, Niall Brady, General Editor

From Cashel to Castle: Persistence and Change in the Gaelic West, D. Blair Gibson

The De Vindictis Magnis Magnorum Peccatorum: A ‘New’ Hiberno-Latin Witness to the Book of Kings, Shannon Ambrose

Saints and Fosterage in Medieval Ireland: A Sanctified Social Practice, Lahney Preston-Matto

“Talking Myth” in Medieval Irish Literature, Joseph Falaky Nagy

References to Pre-Modern Music and Performing Arts Culture in the Irish Annals: A Survey of Common Themes, Jeffrey William Benedict

Gillebert of Limerick: Theorist or Shallow Theologian? John Lucey

Urban Defences in Anglo-Norman Ireland: Evidence from Souch Connacht, Jim McKeon

The Ancestry of John Doe: A Squib, William Sayers

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