Volume Eight of Eolas

Editorial Note, Larissa Tracy

“Rincne quasi quinque” (Sanas Cormaic): Quantification, Simile, and Word-Play, William Sayers

The Irish Nation

Introduction: Ideas of the Irish Nation, Amy Mulligan

Plures de Scottorum regione: Bede, Ireland, and the Irish, Sarah McCann

In their “owne countre”: Deriding and Defending the Early Modern Irish Nation after Gerald of Wales, Sarah E. McKibben

“Nation” as Word and Concept in Seventeenth-Century Irish, Peter McQuillan

New English Nation: Munster Politics, Virgilian Complaint, and Pastoral Empire in Spenser’s “Colin Clouts Come Home Againe” (1595), Thomas Herron

The Farrell Lecture: James F. Kenney on Early Irish History as a Field for Research by American Students, Dáibhí Ó Cróinín

Précis of the 2014 Barry Prize Winner: Loughswedy alias Plary: A Cistercian Nunnery Reconsidered, Yvonne Seale

Book Reviews, Cathy Swift, Editor

In Memoriam: John Bradley in America, Thomas Herron

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